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Les Moulins

Les Moulins, a new adventure in the Parisian countryside

On October 21 2007, Galleria Continua inaugurated a new peculiar site for contemporary creation in the Parisian countryside. Guided by the rhythm of the seasons, Les Moulins hosts many times a year projects and exhibitions of monumental art works by artists from the five continents. Renovated, the site, a former factory of 10,000 m2 embraces its new artistic life with, during its first three years of activity, already 30,000 visitors from all over the world. Since 2008, Galleria Continua launched a new kind of exhibition experience with Sphères, a collective show with different international galleries invited every year. This project allows the visitor to see several international artists. A new cultural wave sweeps over the department creating a strong new interest, energy and identity around Les Moulins. A curiosity and excitment is particularly engaged and perceived by the local inhabitants, as well as Parisians and the international art scene.The site, as well as having commercial preoccupations, also turns itself towards the public and its desires.